Cross-Sector Collaboration in R&D: Learnings from the Audience of the Future Creative Consortium

The research and creative partners in the Audience of the Future Creative Consortium look back at the opportunities, challenges and discoveries of their two years of collaboration. The panel discuss their experiences of conducting cross-sector research and development before and during a pandemic in a wide-ranging conversation that explores the boundaries and possibilities of live performance, via squidgy environments and the smell of the virtual world.


Sarah Ellis
Director of Digital Development, RSC
Luke Ritchie
Musician, Creative Producer/Advisor, Specialist in Immersive Projects
Jonny Freeman
Managing Director, i2Media Research
Nell Whitley
Executive Producer, Marshmallow Laser Feast
Pippa Bostock
Business Director University of Portsmouth
Rebecca Dawson
Executive Director, Punchdrunk Enrichment
Francesca Sanderson
Director, Arts & Culture Investments and Programmes, Nesta
Gabrielle Jenks
Executive Producer