Language in Collaboration and Interdisciplinary Work

How do we find a shared language for communication across sectors? What happens when we misunderstand each other? Speakers from theatre, art and film explore ways of combining terms, processes and mindsets for fruitful collaboration, and share insights and learnings from interdisciplinary projects. Researchers in the field discuss their findings, and look at best practices that can help us find a way out of our silos.  


Katerina Cizek
Artistic Director and Co-Founder, Co-Creation Studio
Georgie Fellows
Live Producer, Dream, Associate Producer, Matilda the Musical
Erika Hughes
Academic Lead in Performance, University of Portsmouth, UK
Oriana Neidecker
Creative Producer, Marshmallow Laser Feast
Alexandra Rowse
Creative Producer
Sophy Smith
Professor of Creative Technologies Practice, DeMontfort University
Ruthie Doyle
Director, Interdisciplinary Program (IDP), Sundance Institute